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Come and visit Chichibu!

Experiencing Japanese culture and tradition through the Chichibu Negai-ishi Junrei (Chichibu wishing-stone pilgrimage)

A tour of 11 spiritual locations in Chichibu, with the aim of collecting a "negai-ishi" (wishing-stone) from each location.

With its many historical temples and shrines, Chichibu city, in Saitama Prefecture,has since ancient times been revered as one of the largest spiritual centers in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Chihibu Negai-ishi Junrei is a kind of tour consisting of visits to 11 spiritual locations such as shrines, temples, and other sacred sites scattered around Chichibu city and the wider Chichibu district. The visitor collects from each site a "negai-ishi" (stone believed to bring good luck to the holder) according to his or her desires. Each site has its own type of stone, which is believed to bring a specific kind of luck, for example, luck in wealth, love, health, etc.

The stones can be kept as amulets or good luck charms in wallets or handbags, or strung together to make a bracelet, or in any way the visitor likes, according to his or her preference and desires.

※ Access to Chichibu is easy via the Seibu Railway. Please get off at the Seibu-Chichibu Station, which is about 80 minutes by express train from Ikebukuro Station (JR Yamanote Line) in Tokyo.

The 11 spiritual sites for collecting stones

●Site 1 Hijiri shrine,
which has a close connection to the first Japanese coins to be minted (Wado kaichin)
※ Address:2191,Suganita,Kuroya,Chichibu city,Saitama,Japan
★economic fortune, luck in business (Tiger's eye / black-brown)

●Site 2 Koken-ji temple,
the famous temple where the image of the Myoken Bodhisattva, a deity for battle, games, and competition, is enshrined
※ Address: 25-29,Shimomiyaji-machi,Chichibu city,Saitama,Japan
★luck in one's career, luck in competition (Carnelian / red)

●Site 3 Hot Spot Chichibu-kan,
originally a merchant inn with an old well and household altar
※ Address: 18-2,Miyagawa-cho,Chichibu city,Saitama,Japan
★economic fortune, luck in business (Eagle eye / dark gray)

●Site 4 Chichibu shrine,
the central place of worship to pray to the local gods of Chichibu.
※ Address: 1-3,Banba-cho,Chichibu city,Saitama,Japan
★academic fortune, luck for starting business, improving one's fortune (Sodalite / deep blue)

●Site 5 Chichibu Imamiya Shrine,
dedicated to the divine couple Izanagi and Izanami,
and to the dragon deity and his partner Benzaiten (Saraswati) may help you find a good match
※ Address: 16-10,Nakamachi,Chichibu city,Saitama,Japan
★luck in love, finding a suitable partner (Rose quartz / pink)

●Site 6 Saizen-ji temple,
famous for its splendid maple tree and flower garden
※ Address: 598,Yokoze,Yokoze-machi,Chichibu city,Saitama,Japan
★good health, cure of diseases (Lapis lazuli / dark blue)

●Site 7 Daien-ji temple,
know for its life-prolongin water and the 16 meter-high Byakue (white-robed) Kannon Bodhisattva statue
※ Address: 411,Uekagemori,Chichibu city,Saitama,Japan
★good health , longevity (Hawkeye / dark gray)

●Site 8 Taiyoji temple,
called the "temple in the sky", located at an altitude of 850 m above sea level
※ Address: 459,Ootaki,Chichibu city,Saitama,Japan
★luck in love, finding a good match (Amethyst / purple)

●Site 9 Hoshoji temple,
know for its with its gigantic stones at the inner shrine and Ofune Kannon Bodhisattva, as well as its superb view.
※ Address: 2661,Hannya,Ogano-machi,Chichibu-gun,Saitama,Japan
★good health, realization of one's earnest wishes (Green agate / green)

●Site 10 The three great waterfalls of Hinozawa,
including the Chichibu Kegon Falls.
※ Place to receive the negai-ishi stone: Mizu to Midori no Fureai-kan
  Address: 3993-3,Hinozawa,Minano-machi,Chichibu-gun,Saitama,Japan
★good health, warding off evil (White onyx / white)

●Site 11 Hodosan mountain in Nagatoro area.
※ Place to receive the negai-ishi stone:
* Chosei-kan Inn (449 Nagatoro-cho, Chichibu-gun)
* Kurisuke sweets shop, Nagatoro store (529 Nagatoro-cho, Chichibu-gun)
★economic fortune, luck in business (Citrine / yellow)

Chichibu is not only full of historical shrines and temples but also attractions such as hot springs, and offers a wide variety of tourist activities. It is easy to reach from Tokyo, and is the perfect place to experience traditional Japanese culture and customs, while being surrounded by nature.

We look forward to welcoming you in Chichibu!

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